Commercial Moves

Moving premises is a major undertaking for any company. Many companies seek assistance from a specialist in commercial moves, however most companies believe that the best solution simply involves more manpower – which is wrong.

Commercial moves aren’t just about moving desks or filing cabinets. A change of workplace or office can be a time consuming, complex process that involves many different people.

Whether it’s an office, library or hospital ward, commercial removals are a complex logistical exercise, demanding the involvement of industry professionals.

Planning Commercial Moves

The most successful moves are achieved through partnership, trust and a complete understanding of the needs of the client. Meticulous planning and faultless execution are prerequisites – not luxuries.

Modern commercial removal companies should be involved right from the start – the earlier the better. When we first take your call, Movers Transport can provide an initial study on the feasibility and cost of the project.

This will aid the overall planning process, establishing the amount of time the move will take, the likely disruption to the business, and the level of direct involvement required by the company’s staff. When the decision has been made to proceed, we can manage the entire project if you prefer. Using us in this way will ensure that the project is managed in the most effective and efficient way.

Overall responsibility will remain in one place thus avoiding any confusion during the move, and allow senior management and staff to concentrate on attending to their own business functions.

For further help on planning your move, we’ve teamed up with J-Media to create a planning guide.

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