So you’ve just moved house and you’ve moved all your furniture and belongings into your new home, so your first big you have a house warming? And if so, how long is too long to wait before you do invite everyone over? For some people it might not be a case of just packing and you done, however if you’re re-decorating, this could take months! If you’ve decided to go for it and invite guests over, and lets face it, there’s no better way to meet the new neighbors..this should be an exciting and enjoyable event, so forget all the worries and just have fun organizing! Everyone’s been in this position before so don’t worry about making a formal event! It would be a good idea to unpack as much as possible, especially in key rooms (living room, kitchen) but your guests will expect to see moving boxes lurking around, and they will be excited to hear what your plans are for your new home! Everyone loves a bit of a nosy don’t they!?

House warming parties are usually casual events, but its always nice to add some thoughtful touches, such as flowers around the house, or nibbles to go around, not only will this give more of a ‘homely’ touch, but makes you look like a great host!

If you have decided to invite friends, new and old, and family over, the most important thing for your party is that you just have fun and enjoy yourself. Playing host isn’t always for everyone, if the host is panicing and stressed, chance are, the guests won’t be feeling too comfortable either! If you’re still struggling to decide what to do, don’t forget, housewarming party = housewarming presents!