If you’re looking for an international removals company to help you move overseas, or return to the UK, then Movers Transport is the expert to call.

International Removals from Movers Transport

Fully registered as a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR), you can trust that Movers Transport have the skills to handle any kind of international removals. Membership of the BAR tells our customers that Movers Transport can be trusted, and will offer a first-class service to anyone who books international removals with us.

The best International removal companies – or any kind of international movers – can boast membership of the BAR or an equivalent. If you’re considering a move abroad, or if you’re returning home, you should never take a risk when choosing from the different international moving companies.

Risk is always there in the removals industry, something that holds true whether you’re moving across the street or halfway around the world. At the heart of that risk lies the truth – not all international removal companies have the integrity to handle your removal properly. You may have seen unfortunate instances in the media where international movers have defrauded their customers – leaving their lives in ruins.

Movers Transport have been in business for over 30 years, satisfying customers both in the UK and abroad. Our advice remains the same, if you’re looking to book one of the international moving companies – book one that you can trust.

Book Movers Transport.

Planning Overseas Removals

As simple as moving overseas is with Movers Transport – that simplicity comes from our expert planning of overseas removals.

As we’ve said before, there’s nothing easy about overseas removals, especially when you’ve only just decided to make the move. When customers book us for moving overseas, we’re constantly told that the process is never as complicated as first assumed. That’s always a good sign.

At its core, the decision to uproot your family and move them overseas is a big one. Gigantic would be more accurate. Of course it’s a decision that you’re not going to make lightly. All the more reason why you want the overseas removals company to know their stuff.

Part of the reason is the difference between overseas removals and those conducted within the UK. When you consider the likes of air cargo, sea freight and export packing – it soon becomes clear that moving overseas is a different proposition altogether.

The Best Global Movers

The best global movers will shoulder these complex requirements, keeping the pressure away from you and your family.

In the end, the most important thing is that your international removal is handled properly. The last thing you and your family need is undue stress. In our role as one of the best global movers based in the UK, that’s exactly what we’ll do for you – eliminate stress from the equation. International moves have enough variables to juggle without adding stress to the mix.

This is an approach that the best global movers will share. The customer should always come first, which is a philosophy that’s at the heart of everything we do at Movers Transport.

European Removals – Made Easy

European Removals with Movers Transport don’t share the same complexities as international removals – but we can make them just as straightforward.

Making European removals easy may sound like a catchphrase, but it’s the result of our years of experience coming to the fore. Depending on where you’re moving to in Europe, there can be a series of issues to get accustomed to for both you and your European removals company, including;

  • Tax regulation
  • Local customs
  • Communication networks
  • Local geography

This holds true whether you’re moving to Brussels or Berlin, Stockholm or Sicily.

So, if you’re moving to a new job or fancy a change of scenery for your family, contact Movers Transport when you need to make European removals nice and easy.

Long Distance Removals

In addition to our international and European removals, Movers Transport also excel in the provision of long distance removals – throughout the UK.

We provide this service as our removal vans are constantly headed towards the biggest cities in the UK. Whether you engage in a full or partial-load removal, or utilise our return load removals service, all of these can be used when you book a long distance removal with Movers Transport.

Local removal companies can’t always accommodate you when you need long distance removals. Typically they won’t have the infrastructure in place, so local removal companies rely on small geographic areas to make their trade.

Movers Transport have all of the required infrastructure in place to handle long distance removals.

Cheap International Shipping

When Movers Transport is trusted with your international removals, you don’t have to worry about the costs.

As part of our service, we’ve routinely offered cheap international shipping rates, keeping your costs under control. This applies to all of the international destinations that you may choose to move to, including the USA, Dubai and Canada.

When we say that we offer cheap international shipping, all that’s cheap about the process is the cost. The shipping process itself is top, top class. Our experts will use their years of experience in dealing with complex non-EU entry requirements to make your international removal run smoothly.

International Shipping from the UK

Catering to both domestic and trade clients, Movers Transport are the best removals company to trust with international shipping from the UK.

Having discussed the cost of our cheap international shipping, it’s only right that we focus on what’s involved in our international shipping from the UK. With an extensive Pick & Pack service, freight forwarding, air cargo and online couriers (with tracking) – we have every tool at our disposal to ensure a successful overseas removal.

Our air cargo service will offer full customs clearance, insurance and offer relevant advice on the completion of necessary documentation for consignment processing. So you can see, our international shipping from the UK is up-to-scratch.

Choosing International Shipping Companies

Safety and security. These are the watchwords by which all international shipping companies are judged.

Whether you’re moving with your family or uprooting your business to another country, all international shipping companies are judged on these criteria – safety and security.

Movers Transport can be trusted to exceed your expectations for any international or European removal. For commercial removals, we have access to sea, road and air freight services, all of which can transport your belongings in a safe and secure manner.

So, whether we’re transporting an inventory of personal effects or equipment for your business – Movers Transport is the best choice from international shipping companies.

For more information, contact our sales team today on 0161 442 9999, or send us an email.