Locally based in Stockport and serving the wider Manchester area, Movers Transport truly is a superb moving company for any job that you have in mind.


With a wide range of removal services at our fingertips, can there be any other option for a moving company in Stockport? As comfortable as we are with domestic removals, our moving company also specialises in European & international removals. You may be planning on moving halfway around the world – if so, Movers Transport can help.

Domestic removals are the bread and butter of our business, as they are for any contemporary moving company in Manchester. When you seek an expert in domestic removals, you want to be sure that the removal firms can handle the hundreds of items that are involved. A crucial part of that is the removal firm’s ability to plan your move, with the greater the planning ability, the lower the chance of any mishaps on moving day.

Movers Transport have you covered, going as far as to provide an estimator to help plan your move in great detail. The best removal firms in Manchester & Stockport should always provide these additional services, especially with a service as stressful as removals.

That being said, in order to understand how successful Movers Transport is, and why we’re among the best local removal firms, we should cover just how wide ranging our services are. We can help with all of the following;

Our Cost of Removals

It’s always been our view that with a service as complex as removals, the cost of removals should be as straightforward as possible.

The process starts when customers begin their research into local removal firms, eager to establish the typical cost of removal companies. Gathering quotes may seem simple enough, but how good is the service from the moving home company? One area that sets Movers Transport apart is our quick quote facility. Capable of providing a quote in seconds, our website will provide you with our cost of removals, enabling you to compare us to the local competition and make your decision.

Customers provide us with feedback on a regular basis and always heap praise on our quick quote facility. When those customers are seeking the average cost of removal companies, they don’t have all day to obtain the information. They need the process to be fast and easy, gaining access to the cost of removals from the moving home company then getting on with their busy day.

When it comes to our prices, you’ll find that we’re very competitive indeed. As a local moving home company ourselves, we know what our customers are looking for. The last thing that we’ll do is drive away your business with high prices.

Moving Services

Moving homes, house moves, moving services – these are all variations of the same thing, you’re looking to move home.

An exciting, stressful, daunting process, moving homes isn’t an everyday occurrence. Some of us will only be in the market for moving services only once or twice in our whole lives. What’s important is that when you do move home, you choose the right local moving home company.

Movers Transport have command over an impressive fleet of removal vehicles, manned by well-trained removal men, all of whom are capable of turning your house moves into a dream. Whether you’re only transporting a few boxes or have hundreds of precious items, it makes no difference to us. We’ll handle your move with the professionalism and care that you’d demand when you’re moving homes.

Packers and Movers

If there was a single aspect of moving services that everyone dreads, it would be safe to say that it would be packing.

Movers Transport endeavour to make this process as easy as possible with our team of highly trained packers and movers. In the simplest possible terms, if you need our help with the packing – our packers and movers can handle it for you.

With our years of experience, you can only imagine the number of customers who leave the packing to the last minute, leading them to cut corners and risk damage to their belongings. When you use our packers and movers, that risk gets eliminated, freeing you to focus on other areas while we take care of your cargo.

The one thing that we ask is that you give us some notice. As long as our packers and movers are given at least a day’s notice, we can arrange for everything that we’ll need to complete the packing.

All you need to do is select the option for packing in our quick quote facility, and we’ll factor that into our quote for you.

Please complete our 30 second quick quote feature on the right to see how cost-effective we are.

For more information, contact our sales team today on 0161 4429999, or send us an email.