Halloween is just round the corner, this is a scary enough time without the pressure of moving house! We’re here to take the worry away! We can’t help you with the ghosts and ghouls, but we can help you get organised and well prepared for your move, making it a little less scary- it doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

If you’ve already booked in with us for your move, and signed your acceptance form in blood you’re one step closer to being settled. You may of chosen to use our storage service for any extra broomsticks or cauldrons you may have lying around, if so, they will be safe with us and ready to use when ever you need!

Here at Movers we are expert packers, so you can leave all the hard work to us, we do however draw the line at occupied coffins! Anything else, from heavy office furniture, to pots and pans, we can arrange!

As you’re moving day approaches, it might be a good idea to arrange a friend or relative to watch over your little monsters!

With Movers Transport on your side, the only thing you will need to worry about, when moving at this time, is whether or not your new home already has residents of the supernatural kind!