With the New Year well under way we’ve been thinking about new years resolutions, and a popular one that keeps coming up is moving house, or even more so to buy a first home! First time buying is getting more and more difficult making it a very daunting prospect. Below we have included some hints and tips on how to make first time buying slightly less stressful!

  • Start saving for a deposit as early as possible! Even if it’s just a little every week, deposits are becoming increasingly difficult to manage, so putting just a bit of money aside every so often really will make a big difference!
  • You should consult with a conveyancer as early as possible, they will talk you through all the legalities of moving house, and although its tricky to actually get on the property ladder, once you’re on, you’re on.
  • When you move house, especially if you’re a first time buyer, you will need to make sure you are financially stable, doing so will mean less stress when it comes to paying those monthly bills! The last thing any home owner wants, is to be scrimping and saving every last penny. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, maybe renting to a lodger could be a great way to help pay those bills?
  • Come up with a list of (realistic) requirements for your new home! Think about what it is you’re looking for in a home, and how much you can afford. The 6 bedroom mansion might have to be put on hold for now!
  • Once you have found a house you would be happy to move in to, don’t be afraid to barter with the price! A lot of property sellers expect this and will accept offers below asking price, even better if it means a quick sale!
  • First time buying is never going to be an easy process, but following the above step, hopefully will give you a good starting off point! And don’t forget, when you’re ready to move, we’ll be here to provide you with a top moving service and get you settled in as soon as possible!