Movers Transport will supply packaging materials for all removals booked through us, however we have a wide range of packaging materials to choose from, including;

  • Roll of tape £99p or 2x rolls for £1.49
  • Book boxes £1.99 or 20x pack for £14.99
  • Light duty boxes, various sizes from £0.79
  • Heavy duty boxes, various sizes from £1.99ea
  • Regular wardrobe box £8.99
  • Large wardrobe box £9.99
  • Ream of tissue paper £9.99

Protecting Your Packaging

The main reason that we use tissue paper is because it doesn’t soil your belongings. Other removal companies may use a substitute like newspaper which does have the capacity to stain your goods.

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If Storage is required 50 % of cost is payable into storage & 50% out of storage. *weekly storage charges apply


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