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Large double walled box (60x40x40) £2.00 per box or 10 x boxes for £18
Medium double walled box (48x32x26) £1.00 per box or 10 boxes for £8
Wardrobe box (20x18x40) £13.50 per box
TV Box   £9.99 per box

Packing Materials

Packing paper 150 sheets £8.99
Bubble wrap (600mmx100m) £25.00 per roll
Packing tape   £1.99 per roll or 2 rolls for £3.80

Please note that all of our packing boxes are of the highest quality to ensure durability, and are also recyclable.

If you purchase any of the above supplies from Movers Transport and choose to use us for your removal, you will get your money back (Ts and Cs apply).

Packing services and materials

Packing service

We here at Movers understand that packing can be the most time consuming (and often frustrating) aspect of any removal. Often, what was initially believed to be a simple last-minute job can quickly become hours of time spent sorting through years of acquired belongings, and subsequently organising piles of what to keep, donate, or dispose of. Therefore, we pride ourselves on a high standard of packing, and can offer flexible packing services to suit your needs. If it is a full packing service you require, we have you covered, however we are equally as happy to pack just one room, or some of your most prized possessions that require that extra bit of care.

Whilst a professional packing service may sound like an expensive addition to an already costly time in your life, one with Movers Transport costs far less than you’d expect. Additionally, what it saves you in both time and effort in preparation for moving day is priceless.

If you wish for us to pack for you, the quotation will include the supply of labour and packing materials, so you can let us take care of this for you, freeing you up to attend to other important matters (or dare we say it, allow you to relax).

Measures we take to ensure a high quality service

We can assure you that our team are continually trained to a high level in packing our customers goods. Having moved thousands of homes across the UK, our team have gained valuable experience in packing even the most fragile, unusual, bulky, and most valued and/or valuable possessions. Where required, we ensure that your belongings are packaged using quality, purpose-made materials, and provide an extensive range of equipment to facilitate this.
We understand that trusting others with your most prized or personal possessions can often seem daunting, however we are more than happy to listen to any questions or concerns that you may have, to ensure that we are fully prepared for your removal and you are at ease with the process.

Buying removal boxes and supplies

It is imperative for any removal to go well that you have adequate removal boxes, and to ensure that you have enough of the right cartons required for your move.
If you are using Movers for your removal but would prefer to pack yourselves, boxes and packing materials can be provided by us free of charge. However, you don’t need to be moving with Movers to access our quality materials. We sell a variety of boxes, as well as wardrobe cartons, bubble wrap, and tape. There is no minimum purchase, allowing you to place an order for a couple of boxes, or an entire home full of goods.

Packing – Please Give Notice

However, we would require reasonable warning (at least a day before) so that when the lorry arrives at your home, it will have the necessary crew and packing materials needed for the extra work. Secondly, we will need to make an additional charge for the extra work.

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