Vehicle Availability
This quotation does not guarantee vehicle availability on any given date so it is important to telephone the office to confirm dates before proceeding with this quotation.

Terms and Conditions
Please read the Terms carefully as signing the Removal Acceptance form acknowledges your understanding and acceptance of our industry terms.

What is not covered in this quote
This quote covers all items that you wish to be moved by us, as understood from information taken by our estimator. Should anything require moving which was excluded from our initial survey on your instruction, we may have to include a handling charge in excess of this quotation. Client to empty loft prior to removal and to dismantle furniture as necessary.

Cancellation charges
Please note that if you cancel or postpone this contract less than 2 days before the removal is due to start a cancellation charge of 50% will be made.

Access to Property IMPORTANT
It is important that you check the access at your new address. Our quotation allows for standard access . Should there be difficulty in our vehicle gaining close access to the new property please let us know in advance. This allows us to inform you of any additional charges to cover the length of the removal and/or any additional small vehicle to transfer property to.

Payment Terms
This quotation and its acceptance by you are subject to our Terms and Conditions. Your attention is drawn to Clause 4 and Clauses 9 to 12 which also appear on the reverse of this quotation and which cover our liability to you in the event of loss or damage. The price(s) we have quoted include Standard Liability for loss of or damage to your goods whilst they are in our control, subject to you providing us with a declaration of the value of the goods and subject to Clause 9.1.1 and 11 of our Terms and Conditions. Your attention is drawn to the items for which we will not accept liability and to the exclusions that apply to our liability.

This quotation includes liability to a maximum of £50,000 during your removal as set out in Clause 9.1.1. If you would like us to accept liability for an amount over £50,000 our price(s) will be increased (and advised accordingly) to reflect the higher level of liability. In respect of storage, we reserve the right to increase our price in the event that the average value per storage container exceeds £5,000. If you do not provide us with the value of your goods for storage our Limited Liability will apply in accordance with clauses 9.2 and 11 of our Terms and Conditions.