We all know that buying and moving home can be a stressful experience, but we often breeze past how stressful it can be to sell your home, especially if you need to sell quickly! If you’ve found your dream home, you need to sell up before the new one gets snapped up with other offers!

We’ve put together a few simple hints and tips to make selling your house that little bit simpler.

Firstly, remember first impressions count! Don’t be fooled and think this starts when they step through the front door, the very first impression is the walk up to the door, has the grass been cut? Are there kids toys scattered around looking messy? Weeds? If the front of your home doesn’t look to inviting, chances are potential buyers wont be to excited about stepping inside! Just a quick clean around of the front garden could make a world of difference!

When inside the house, buyers will immediately try and picture themselves living there, so what would you be looking for? Is there enough space? Is it tidy? Try utilising your space as best you can, throw out any junk that’s just lying around (this will also be a big help when it comes to moving!). If a house is messy, a lot of people will be immediately put off, just think of how many other viewings they might have, and how other home owners will have prepared.


If you have any DIY jobs that need doing, now is the time! Get them done before your viewing! Just little things like a loose handle on a kitchen draw, or making sure the curtains are hung properly, this will give even more of the ‘perfect home’ impression, which is exactly what you want potential buyers to think!

Finally, if you are present at the house viewing, have a chat with the people looking around, get to know what kind of people they are and then use this to your advantage! For example, parents with children will want to hear about the local schools and parks etc, or if its a young couple, tell them about the nearest bars and restaurants!

There’s a lot of simple things you can do prior to a house viewing to make it a successful one! Most importantly, just think about what it is you would like to see when moving, and use that. Getting them to view the house is the hardest job, once they are there, following easy steps like the above, should help make a quicker sale!