With the internet being taken over by all the great University results, we thought we would focus on those first time students moving to halls.

When September comes, no doubt parents will be trying to cram more than what was intended into their cars, in an effort to help their first time students move. If your car is more of a mini than a 4 x 4, Movers Transport can help you move from A to B. Around 40% of our workload consists of smaller moves, which includes moving students in and out of halls. We understand that packing can seem like a bit of a chore, especially when there’s so much more to concentrate on ie. purchasing a new Uni wardrobe, and finding the best places in the new city to go out and drink! So, don’t forget if you did need a hand packing, we can help you out there, just give us a call or complete our quick quote for a price. You can find our quick quote form, along with a little more information on first time moves or smaller moves on the following page, http://www.moverstransport.co.uk/small-move-or-first-move/