38 years in the making

Movers was forged in 1985, starting from small beginnings of ‘a man and a van’, to becoming a fully national and international removal company. We have built a strong reputation for being one of the premier removal companies in Manchester, Stockport, and the surrounding areas. And as of July 2023, Movers became the North West’s largest Employee-Owned removals and specialist distribution business.

An employee-owned trust (EOT) is a type of trust that is established by a business owner to transfer ownership of the company to its employees. The trust holds the company’s shares, and the employees become the beneficiaries of the trust. In transitioning to an EOT, we believe that this provides our employees with long-term job security, and a greater stake in the company’s success, subsequently increasing employee engagement.

Benefits of an employee-owned business

Since July, we have already seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction by means of feedback and praise for the team. We feel that more than ever before, the EOT has helped to foster a sense of ownership, pride, commitment, and loyalty among employees.

We have always strived to offer a high standard of service, and with that we take our reputation very seriously. We believe that every individual or organisation that chooses to work with us, is collaborating with a company that is customer focused and striving for excellence.

With a sense of ownership, our team are more accountable than ever for their work and the success of Movers, and it is due to this that we are certain that the great service that we aim to achieve will long continue.

What do the team think?

“I can’t believe how good and straight forward the EOT is, and it is a great way to acknowledge the team’s hard work. Now I am an Employee Rep, I hope to help facilitate a collaborative working relationship with all members of the team and help the company to move forward and grow, using the teams’ ideas to help Movers become even more successful.”

Ben Parker, Driver and Employee Forum Representative


What do the team think?

“The EOT is a brilliant concept that allows Movers to continue growing and operating to its full potential and beyond. Whilst the financial reward for the team is great, the benefits of becoming an EOT extend way beyond this, not just for the employees, but our valued customers too. The formation of the Employee Forum is a great tool to allow the team added governance over a business that they work so hard for on a daily basis. Since transitioning to an employee-owned business, I see a team that are happier and more inspired than ever before, and that’s the greatest takeaway of all.”

Emily Bebbington, Office Manager